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Ball python projects

Hello, here you can find our (long term) projects. They may change, though these are the projects we are very exited to work with. If you see anything you like please let us know.

Enchi piebald project:

This is a very interesting project, we decided to aim for an Enchi piebald in 2015. Our initial way to reach this was using our het. pieds to produce piebalds, then keep 1.1 and put the male against a 0.1 Enchi and from there on move towards the Enchi piebald. Luckily for us in the beginning of 2016 we were able to get 1.0 Enchi het. pied proven breeder. To increase our odds we also bought another 0.1 het piebald female, hopefully in 2017 we will hit the Enchi piebald!

Update 2017: 

In '17 season we got both our het. piebalds clutches quick after each other (6 between), in total we got 9 eggs (6 and 3).Because our enchi het piebald did not wanna breed at the start of the season we first put our het piebald male against our het pied girls. Luckily later on in the season we got lucky and he started breeding! 

But that did mean there was a chance of him not fathering the clutch. So after having the clutches the 2 months of waiting began! 

Eventually we only hit one piebald out of 9! eggs (talking about odds huh...), but lucky for us it was an enchi piebald male! 

He will be the base of most of our piebald projects to come in the future, we have quite a lot in mind! 


Bamboo project:

Bamboo is a gene that intrigues us, we have been keeping track of how the morph reacts to other genes. We see a lot of possibilities with this gene, in 2016 we got our male and in 2018 we are hoping to hit some nice bamboo stuff!
Axanthic(vpi)! another nice project that we are working on is the Bamboo Axanthic combinations! for 2017 we are hoping to hit some bamboo het Axanthic combinations!
In the future we will see where we can take this combination.
2017 update: Sadly our Axanthic girl did not go this year so in 2018 we hopefully see a clutch from her with the Bamboo X fire pairing!