248 reptiles

Passion & Dedication

Terms of sale/reservation!

* You have to be 18+ or have parents permission, said parent needs to be present when picking up the animal.
* We expect you to have done research on how to care for your new pet, we can help with questions if any will arise
* All animals come sexed to the best of our abilities
* 100% guaranteed genetics
* Hatchlings will at least have 4 consecutive feeds

1) Animals can be reserved after a deposit of 30%(minimum of €25), this deposit is non-refundable.
2) Arrangements to pick up the animal have to be made within 3 weeks of reservation! (For longer period please contact us)

Where can you pick up an animal:
We live in the Netherlands, you can pick up the animal at our place, meet us at a show or in some cases we can deliver for fuel cost (please contact us at info@248reptiles.eu to see if we can deliver to you).
For shipping please e-mail us!